Charitable Donations

At Statesman Coffee Company, we believe in building community connections and supporting local efforts to improve our quality of life. We welcome the opportunity to provide donations that assist with fundraising and other important charitable/non-profit organizations’ efforts. By limiting donations to products such as coffee, coffee beans, free drink cards, and sometimes merchandise, we can provide donations to more organizations. Therefore, we do not provide cash donations or any percentage of sales. We appreciate your consideration of our company participating in your event and thank you for your cooperation. We try to be as responsive as possible; however, due to the volume of donation requests, responses may take up to several days. If you do not hear a response from our donation coordinator within one week, please re-submit your donation request form.

We are an Abilene Texas based company; therefore, we concentrate on charities and non-profit organizations within Abilene. We are unable to donate products to out-of-area events.

Sponsorship Requests

Please note that we do not provide sponsorships to individuals or organizations. We appreciate your interest and understand the value of sponsorships, but we have chosen to focus our resources on other avenues of community support.

Additional Information

Additional information that may be helpful to your charitable organization is that we are unable to hang flyers or business cards in our windows or on our building and unfortunately, we do not offer a community bulletin board. Furthermore, we are unable to accommodate organizations requesting to set up booths on our premises promoting their charitable cause.

Please submit this form, at minimum, 30 days in advance of the event in which you would like us to participate. Due to the demand for donations and the time required to process and fulfill these requests, we require 30 days notice.

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