FAQ: Coffee Shops

Currently, none of our locations have indoor seating. Our Flagship Location on Buffalo Gap Road has an outdoor patio for customers to enjoy! While our location on S Treadaway Blvd is drive-thru only and does not offer any customer seating.

  • Our hot drinks come in three sizes: 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz (small, medium, and large respectively). Our Iced and Blended drinks come in 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz (small, medium, and large respectively). The extra four ounces are used for ice, allowing us to maintain the same recipe and thus flavor between beverages.

Yes! Currently, we offer oat and almond milk!

We roast all of our coffee in house and therefore use our own espresso blend! Our espresso blend is Electric Odyssey which is part of our Signature coffees.

Yes. If you purchased any of our coffees we can grind them for you at our coffee shops. You can also select your grind preference when ordering from our online store.

Yes. We offer a small assortment of food items to include scones, oatmeal, and a sausage stuffed waffle!

We are closed for business on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. We close early on the day before our Holiday closures. Visit our social media for updates as weather conditions and unforeseeable events may also cause additional closures.

We’re always looking for awesome people to add to our team. Apply online here!

You can check your Loyalty points and update your account here. You may also update your Loyalty information by talking with a barista on your next visit! 

FAQ: Roastery

We roast all coffee to order and our roast days are Monday – Friday. If you place an order on Friday-Sunday then your order will be roasted on the following Monday.

While we may roast Certified Organic green coffee from time-to-time; our roastery is not Organic Certified. Therefore, we can not claim that our coffee is organic.

  • While we may roast Fair Trade Certified green coffee from time-to-time; our roastery is not Fair Trade Certified. Therefore, we can not claim that our coffee is fair trade. We do pay above fair trade prices for all of our coffee and work with incredible importers who ensure the farmer is compensated at or above fair trade.

We work with several of the top coffee importers in the United States. These importers follow industry best practices in ensuring the highest quality while supporting farmers at origin.

Coffee notes are the naturally occurring flavors produced by the coffee when it has been roasted. These notes can be described as subtle flavors and may be more noticeable for individuals who have practiced and developed their tasting palate. 

This is different from flavored coffee. Flavored coffee offers strong flavors that have been added to the coffee, typically in the form of concentrated oils, after the coffee has been roasted. 

Our American Oak signature coffee is a seasonal bourbon barrel coffee. What does that mean? Glad you asked! To produce our bourbon barrel coffee we take a blend of green coffee (unroasted coffee) and put it into a freshly used bourbon barrel. The coffee sits in the barrel for several days, allowing the residual bourbon to be absorbed by the green coffee. The freshly soaked green coffee is then roasted. The roasting process burns off the alcohol while leaving some of the flavor characteristics associated with the bourbon and the charred oak barrel. The result is a mouth-watering coffee that pairs well with cream or milk products!

FAQ: Coffee Subscription

Head to our Coffees page. Select which coffee you would like to subscribe to. During the checkout process you will create an account! Alternatively, you can select the account icon at the top of the home page and create an account from there.

Your coffee subscription is managed through your account. You can access your account by selecting the account icon at the top of the home page.

Yes! Head to the orders tab in your account to pause or restart your subscription.

Log into your account. Under the Orders tab, you can opt out of your subscription.

Log into your account. Head to the Addresses tab. From there you can edit or change either your billing or shipping address.

We process subscriptions Monday-Friday. Your subscription will ship out within 24 hours of your order being processed.

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