Almond Delight

almond, coconut, & dark chocolate

Berry Bliss

blackberry, lavender, & white chocolate

Candy Bar

hazelnut, caramel, & dark chocolate

Caramel Thing

caramel & french vanilla​

Cherry Cordial

cherry, coconut, & dark chocolate

Circus Peanut

pink salt, salted caramel, & peanut butter

Drink With No Name

raspberry, macadamia, & white chocolate​

French Toast

cinnamon, & toasted marshmallow

Mint Mocha

frosted mint & dark chocolate

Oatmeal Cookie

caramel, cinnamon, & irish cream​

Peanut Butter Cup

toffee nut, peanut butter powder, & dark chocolate

Raspberry Fudge Mocha

raspberry, almond, & dark chocolate

Royal Vanilla Mocha

vanilla & white chocolate


hazelnut, marshmallow, & dark chocolate​

Snowball Mocha

coconut, marshmallow, & dark chocolate​

Trail Mix

hazelnut, almond, & macadamia nut​

The Galaxy

caramel & dark chocolate

Wizards Brew

caramel, toffee nut, french vanilla, & cinnamon​

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