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Not sure what flavor to try? Looking for the perfect gift? No problem! With our Sample Box, you can choose between our deliciously blends or single origins to sample!


Single Origin

Offering six 2oz samples of our single origin selections, this box offers a diverse look at coffees from around the world. Each origin has been roasted to a degree which allows their unique flavors and complexity to be showcased. Origins have been selected for their quality and specific flavor profile. These samples will provide a balanced look at the foundation to our blends. If you are not sure which box to pick, the Single Origin box is a good start.


This box features five 2oz samples of our coffee blends. These blends offer the full spectrum of our selections and will provide an array of coffee profiles. From our two light roast blends – Wildflower & Red Daisy, offering bright, floral, and fruity notes, to our dark roast blend – Black Bull, offering bold, nutty, & caramelized sugar notes with a smooth finish. To our more comforting medium selection – Drifter, offering chocolate and nutty notes. And finishing with a more traditional medium/dark roast – Electric Odyssey.

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